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Electrical Insulating Mats

Insulating switchboard matting is considered as personal protection equipment. It is specially designed for use in front of open switchboards or high voltage equipment used in may Industrial Plants & factories to protect against Electric shocks.

Features :-

Tests and specifications also meet BS 921, IEC 61111, ASTM, Flame Retardant , Good Aging properties, For both A.C. and D.C. applications, Di- electric Strength 65KV (65000 volts), AC proof Voltage up to 36 KV., Acid, Alkalis and transformer oil proof, Low and Extreme Low Temperature resistant, High Insulation resistance exceeding 1100000 M Ω, High tensile strength and elongation properties, Leakage Current less than 1 Ma

Dimensions :-

Form               Rolls or mat
Length            5 M/10M/20M
Width             3 ft (900mm/1 M/1.2M)
Color              Red/ Black/ Blue
Thickness     2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm

* For special outdoor applications, the mats can be supplied with higher thickness with confirmation to IS:1562-2006
* We can supply the electrical insulating mats in any length and width as per customer requirement depending on the order quantities.

Pattern- Texture Finish

Advantage of Texture Finish:-

1. The one and only design recommended and approved by IS 15652
2. Anti- slip
3. Marking on top (always Visible)
4. Easier for movement of rolling instruments
5. Easier to clean than ribbed of designed matting

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