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Interlock Exhaust and Conveying Hose

Size:- 20 mm – 300 mm
High strength construction, Balance interlocked construction, Temperature and corrosion resistant Durability, Flexibility, Can be formed and hold its shape and easily moved, Service life.
These Interlock Exhaust and Conveying Hoses are applicable in Conveying, Ventilating Lines, Automotive Exhaust, Chimney Liners, Engine Exhaust, Gas & Fume Exhaust, Tractor & Generator Exhaust, used for protective casing as safety guards for wires, cables & tubing like rubber & stainless steel braided hoses.
Maximum service temperature:
Stainless steel : 7500C, Galvanized steel : 3500 C Service temperature may vary due to choice of packing material: cotton, rubber, ceramic or glass fiber yarn

Metallic Strip Wound Interlock Spiral Hose & Metallic Double Interlock Flexible Strip Wound Hoses

Size: 3 mm to 400 mm
Packing : Asbestos yarn, copper wire, rubber or fiber yarn may be provided within the folds during the manufacturing process to avoid leakage.

Smooth Bore Interlock Hose

Size: 3 mm to 400 mm
These hoses are excellent for applications involving: The pneumatic transmission of flake or palatalized plastics, grain, coal dust, slag and other dry granular or abrasive materials
The loading or unloading of ships, barges, containers, silos, elevators, highway and rail cars For air intake for diesel engines
Exhausting gases from ovens and furnaces, and boiler draft system & inside liners for stainless steel corrugated hoses & hose assemblies
Maximum service temperature:
Stainless steel : 7500C
Galvanized steel : 3500 C

There may be a variation in service temperature depending on the choice of packaging material, which includes glass fiber yarn, cotton, ceramic fiber yarn and rubber.

Flexible Metal Conduits

We offer flexible conduits such as metallic double lock flexible conduit pipe, metallic square lock flexible conduit.

Metallic Double Interlock Flexible Conduit Pipe

Size: 3 mm ID to 12 " ID.
Braid : Conduit can be provided with wire Braiding, PVC or synthetic Rubber sleeving.
Applications : As conduit for Electrical Cables.

Metallic Double Lock Flexible Conduits

Size: 3 mm to 400 mm
Applications : Metallic Double Lock & Square Lock flexible conduit Pipes are used for covering electrical cables, instrumentations, telecommunications (steel outer used in wall mountain coin boxes)

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