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Under Rubber & Allied Products these are the sub heading

1. Expansion Joints

We are Specialists in Rubber Expansion Joints of sizes up to 2.5 mtrs. Rubber Expansion Joints (Compensators) are
used as Flexible connectors within pipe systems.

Damp oscillation, noise and vibration
Compensate motion
Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature
Reduce tension
Compensate ground and foundation settling
Compensate imprecise assembly
Serve as assembly and disassembly aids
Provide an elastic wall seal for penetration assemblies
Compensate pipeline movements aboard ships

2. Anti Vibration Mounting & Rubber Abrasive

We are also exclusive manufacturers & specialists in Rubber Engineering / Industrial Products. We can manufacture rubber products tailor made to your specific requirements for both manual and machine applications. Following is a list of our standard product line:

Anti Vibration Mountings

Rubberized Abrasives

. Rubber Couplings . Expansion Joints . Scrapers . Sponge Dust Seals . Cabin Mounts . Shock Absorbers . Pads . Dampeners . Air Springs Anti-Vibration Mountings . Viscose Mountings . Suction Hoses . Suction Bellow Hoses . Heat Insulation Materials . Noise Insulation Materials . Dust Insulation Materials . Spiral Protection Sleeve . Rubberized Abrasives, etc.

Apart from the above, we have successfully delivered development jobs for various OEMs. Import replacements have been a core area where we have been able to indigenize numerous products/components helping companies reduce their import costs significantly.

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